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Princess Hisako throws the first pitch
to start Women's World Series IV
Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan


Modern competitive international women’s baseball play began when Japanese organizers sent a nationally selected elite squad, Team Energen, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, to participate in the American Women’s Baseball Federation’s (AWBF) 1999 South Florida Diamond Classic tournament. The AWBF and the Japanese team had established contact through the AWBF web site.

The Japanese organizers, later to be known as the Women's Baseball Association of Japan (WBAJ), and the AWBF had agreed that Japan would put together an all-star team to participate in a spring women’s baseball tournament in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Japanese all-star team would be called Team Energen. The Team Energen name devolved from a sport drink named Energen that was marketed by a sponsoring pharmaceutical company, Otsuka Pharmaceutical.

At the 1999 South Florida Diamond Classic Team Energen showed they could play at the top level of women’s baseball and vowed to return home to develop an even stronger team. At a meeting between the WBAJ and AWBF officials following the tournament plans were initiated for a contest between a national women’s baseball team from the United States and Team Energen in Tokyo.

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